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My name is Huy Nguyen. I’m currently a Front-End Web Developer at the Center for International Development (CID), a think-tank at Harvard University. The CID is ranked the 2nd best university think tank and the 5th best international development think tank in the world, according to UPenn's new 2015 Global Think Tank Index.

At the CID, I lead the front-end development of the Atlas of Economic Complexity, a data visualization tool for global trade data and the #1 data source for international development research according to the Guardian. Before coming to the CID, I was a Front-End Developer at the data visualization firm Periscopic where I worked on projects for major clients like the US Patents & Trademark Office and the Gates Foundation.

I'm passionate about software development and set high standards in my works. In my code, besides functionality, I always strive for simplicity, efficiency, modularity, maintainability and expressiveness. I always keep up with the latest technologies in front-end development. I'm a huge fan of React, TypeScript and Webpack, and one day I might just be able to master Haskell.

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Physics from Reed College1 in Portland, OR. In my undergraduate thesis, I successfully formulated an algorithm using quantum Monte Carlo to solve an important and challenging model of high-temperature superconductivity and implemented the algorithm to run in parallel on high-performance clusters. The thesis was recognized by the American Physical Society one of the best undergraduate physics research in the US in 2014, and I am the lead author of a journal paper on the topic.

Please connect with me on GitHub, LinkedIn or Twitter. My email is huy (at) huy-nguyen dot com.

  1. Fun fact: In college, I held a Senior Reactor Operator license from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which is very rare for an undergraduate. The license allowed me to operate and supervise operations at the Reed Research Reactor